USB Rechargeable Flameless Game Lighter Electronic Dual  Arc Pulse Smart Chip Touch Sensing Wind-proof Double Arc Lighter

USB Rechargeable Flameless Game Lighter Electronic Dual Arc Pulse Smart Chip Touch Sensing Wind-proof Double Arc Lighter

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Description :USB Rechargeable Flameless Game Lighter Electronic Dual  Arc Pulse Smart Chip Touch Sensing Wind-proof Double Arc Lighter
Press the game button and the slot machine in the middle of the lighter can be turned
Rechargeable arc electromagnetic pulse lighter, using low-carbon electric energy to replace traditional gas and fuel energy.
USB interface charging.can be recycled.
It can basically replace the use of traditional lighters.
It can generate arc sparks without harming the human body. 
It simply ignites the igniter to contact the arc spark without generating harmful gases.
Charging via USB interface, can be connected to the computer, mobile phone charger, etc. 
Any output voltage is DC5V, the output current is 1.0A charger one charge can be full for 1.5-2 hours,
red indicator light is bright when charging,
full After the electric light is turned off automatically, it can be used 100-300 times after fully charged. 
This product is made of high-rate polymer lithium-ion battery. 
It is checked by “High-precision battery performance tester” before use to ensure the safety performance of the battery. 
With overcharge, over discharge, overload and other multiple protection.
TIP : 
1.Do not put this product in water or other liquids, as this will cause a short circuit.
2.Please disconnect the power supply after charging (usually the full charging time is 2 hours). 
Do not connect the battery that has been.
charged for a long time to the power supply. 
Overcharging will shorten the battery life;
3.When the battery power is exhausted, the duration of the arc spark is shortened. 
In this case, please charge it in time. 
If the battery is not fully discharged, it will be used to extend the battery life.
4.Do not continue to ignite for a long time. 
It is recommended not to use it for more than 10 seconds each time to extend the life of the product.
1.Wipe gently with a soft cotton cloth to maintain the gloss of the lighter;
2.After a period of use, the surface of the plated metal will lose its luster, which is normal, and this is more pronounced after contact with chemicals or in
high temperature environments. It is recommended that you purchase a professional ""wiping tool"" to remove dark spots;
3.The surfaces with high gloss of the paint surface should be carefully maintained because they are prone to scratches;
4.Since the battery is based on the principle of chemical reaction, if it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it once every six months to prevent the battery from being over-discharged and affecting its service life.

Specification :
Material  Metal
Color  Gold,Blue,Black,Silvery,Multicolor 
Additional features game console
Size  75*35*13mm

Package Includes :1 x Game Lighter 
1 x USB Cable
1 x Gift Package

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